What do you get out of a game?
July 06, 2018

What do you get out of a game?

Things have been a bit hectic over at The Game Forge the last week or so, which means that we missed the blog last Friday, but now we’re back and ready to talk about games again!

Last time we briefly mentioned how a person can get different things out of different games, and with the recent launch of the new edition of Age of Sigmar, quite a few of The Game Forge regulars are picking it up for different reasons. We sat down and chatted to a few of those people and got their thoughts on why they’re getting into Age of Sigmar.


Corey (Stormcast Eternals): I’m picking it up because I love the backstory and the world AoS is set in, and the new edition is really ramping up the ways you can represent that on the table. All the new rules for customising your army to look exactly like the story you have for it in your head, as well as the multiple modes of play mean that I’ve already got a Stormcast army with a strong backstory that I can’t wait to put on the table. Plus the hints for certain future factions in the backstory have me practically foaming at the mouth, so AoS certainly makes the collector in me happy as well as the story enthusiast.

Laurie (Bonesplitterz): Some games I play for competitive balance, some I play to relax and unwind, others I play to experience the imaginative, cinematic moments as two titanic forces clash. For me, the main appeal of Age of Sigmar is the potential for epic, cinematic clashes. Win or lose, I have the most fun when I come away from a game with epic stories. The moment when a guardsman stands alone against a greater demon and triumphs, that time a cavalry charge smashes into your opponent’s flank just in time to save your general from defeat, or when a horde of Orruks sweeps across the battlefield and the green tide smashes into your opponent’s lines sweeping aside all opposition. I’ll be playing Destruction but Orruks are where I’m going to be focussing the bulk of my forces. I feel the sheer fun of the faction will lead to a memorable game regardless of the outcome. Either the horde devastates the opposition and rips apart any resistance or the line is held and the green tide breaks on the opposing army. Whichever happens I’ll have a fun story to tell.

Alex (undecided):  Basically, I get to play against different players, it’s different from systems I normally play in, and I used to play GW games years ago but not in a while. The main thing that caught my attention is the endless spells, GW have realised that they can really push the narrative aspect of the game by representing spells with models. I’ll be honest, I’d not looked at Age of Sigmar much in the past so when the changes came out I had no idea about them, but I’ve looked at what the changes are and thought “oh those seem sensible”. I think it’s also just a relatively easy game to get on the table and play. I like that it supports various modes of play which appeals to various different groups of people and, like I said at the start, I like being able to play with new groups of people outside my regular group.

Despite us all having different reasons for picking up the game we’re all along for the ride now, and you’ll be able to keep up with our progress in a new series of hobby blogs that we’re calling ‘A Tale of Forge Gamers’. There should be at least one player for each of the Grand Alliances, so keep your eyes out on social media for the start of that and follow how we all construct, paint, and play their armies!

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Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars - PRE ORDER Live!
June 16, 2018

Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars - PRE ORDER Live!

The day has finally come!

We are super excited here at The Game Forge for the release of the brand new edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Soul Wars!

As of 10:00am this morning all our pre-orders are now up in our store.  Want to pick it up on the day? Just enter the TGFSTORE code at checkout and we will put it behind the counter with your name on it!

Did we mention everything is 20% OFF RRP?

We may even consider a midnight opening if demand is huge...

Don't forget to also check out the amazing Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Champions TCG that is also on the horizon - it looks absolutely brilliant. Playfusion will be coming down for a demo day on this...check out our facebook page for more details when its confirmed :)

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October 05, 2016

Welcome to the Game Forge!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the online store for The Game Forge - a Brand New store now open in Manchester!

We had a lot of requests from our customers to introduce an online store for collection orders and allowing easy browsing of what we stock - so we went ahead and created one!

We will slowly be introducing new ranges onto the website for games we both support and play so please keep an eye out as we grow!

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