Coming Soon: Blogs from The Game Forge

Coming Soon: Blogs from The Game Forge

June 08, 2018

Hello everybody, Corey here.

Welcome to the inaugural tabletop blog for The Game Forge, This is just a short update to let you know some of what I’ve got planned for the future. I love talking about tabletop as a hobby so much that I’ve decided that I'm going to start publishing regular blogs about it. The current plan is I’ll be posting one blog a week that will talk about all kinds of aspects of tabletop gaming.

I’ve been playing tabletop games as a hobby since I was around 6 years old and my dad gave me some Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Warriors to paint (I assume so I’d stop annoying him and he could paint his own models). Since then I’ve ended up with thousands of pounds worth of tiny plastic and metal miniatures, board games, and roleplay games.

Pictured: the work of a proud six year old.
I've always been talented.

Tabletop has developed into a huge part of my life, I’ve run year long roleplay campaigns, played in tournaments, and I was chair of the Tabletop society at MMU for three years. But as familiar as I am with tabletop there’s always something new that I’ve not seen before, or something on the horizon that changes how I think the hobby.

Currently the only games I play with any regularity are ‘Guildball’ and ‘Shadespire’, but I’ve been missing mass combat so I’m flirting with getting into ‘Age of Sigmar’ and ‘Runewars’. With all that in mind, I’m going to use this blog as a way to talk with people about things we love (or hate), from the hobby, get some new perspectives, and hopefully pick up a new game or two along the way.

We’re going to be kicking things off properly next Friday talking about The Walking Dead: All Out War and what kinds of things attract us to a new game.

Let us know in the comments and on our social what topics and games you’d like to see us discuss!




I’d be really up for seeing your thoughts on miniatures games that don’t use cards. eg Malifaux


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