New Games and The Walking Dead

New Games and The Walking Dead

June 15, 2018

This week I had a sit down with Paul Waters to talk about what gets him into a new game, and his experiences with his latest venture, ‘The Walking Dead: All Our War’

Corey: So you recently got into the WD, What kind of thing do you look for in a new game?

Paul: It depends what I fancy at that particular moment, I was on the lookout for something a bit more narratively based, I’ve got a lot of Guildball, x-wing, Armada, lots of what would be seen as more competitive games. I wanted something easy to drop in and out of, something you can play solo or co-op if needed.and have that bit of story element.

There’s also price, and you’re looking at value for money to start with, and if it’s something you enjoy you can build onto it, or you can just have the nice starter set that you can just bring out.

C: So, having picked up the walking dead, do you think it’s one of the easier games to get into as a new player?

P: What I always use is a lot of youtube videos, stuff like learn to plays or even unboxings, so I usually have a good look at those just to see, but I think it’s still like most games where you need to play one or two games to get your head around it. I think it’s certainly on the lighter side of games, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. With some games, like Warmachine, you’re using knowdown markers to really know where everything is at any time. Whereas with WD we’ve just tended to knock the actual models down and because of the nature of the game you don’t really need to know that whole micro thing every time

C: That’s really interesting, it’s sort of the other end of the spectrum to the wargames I’m familiar with, which are much more tournament games

P: I’m interested to see how much more the competitive tournament, Conflict type scene, if that will change it at all. But so far it’s very much been “well that seems near enough” and no one is too worried about it, it’s often more thematic and fun to just have crowds of zombies charging in rather than saying, oh no that’s a millimeter out, that zombie doesn’t come in. I think like with most games if you and your opponent come into it with the same spirit it works really well.

Figures by Jay Finnegan

C: Do you think it is one of those games where you can expect people to all be playing in the same spirit, or is it more like 40k and I turn up with a fluffy list, only to get tabled by a really powergame-y one?

P: So far it’s been fine, but the group we’ve got are still quite new to the game. We’re all still finding our feet, so no one really netlists. But you do notice that sometimes someone will come up with a combination you haven’t thought of and it’s like “oh that’s really good, I need to think of something like that’ and you see cards you don’t have yet and get to see some of the options that are available.

C: I think that kind of organic growth is really nice to have in a game

P: I think it’s because the game is still quite new generally and finding its feet in the bigger areas. Like one of the bigger events so far has had six players, but then there’s Conflict coming up and that’s hopefully going to be bigger, and you’re obviously going to see people who will build the best combinations, because it’s natural that we all want to win. But I don’t think the game is there yet, so I don’t know what’s the best way to build the list, and I don’t think anyone knows, so we’re all trying out different things and it’s really good to see.

C: So next week I’m going to be talking about the next steps after you’ve picked up a new game, so very quickly, what would be your suggested next steps?

P: I think just play a game for a little bit, find out who you are in the game and what you like playing it, then decide what else you want to get in that game



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