Game Heroes 5th May - AoS Charity Tournament

As part of the 24hr Game Heroes Event ( )

The Forge and Dangerous terrain are running an Age of Sigmar Tournament on 5th May. With all profits going to Macmillan Cancer Care.

Food included in ticket price. Prize support will be available.

Army size: 1500pts

Rules Pack: To follow

Registration: 8am

1st Round: 10am

The ground ripples with tension and is torn asunder in a great earth shattering quake, the world unable to hold back that what cannot be contained.
In the rubble, an ancient archway juts aggressively from the broken ground, nothing but decay and corruption surrounds it.
A man, wearing the livery of the stormcast eternals appears from the depths of the archway. His movements uncharacteristically feeble, he brings his sword up to his chest as he turns to stare at the archway.
“The Stormvaults are forbidden to all”
Other Stormcast eternals begin to appear, creating a battleline that surrounds the archway, all facing outwards “No one shall pass! But what of the other vaults”.