Cyberpunk 2020 RPG: Eurosource +

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Eurosource Plus is the guide to style-conscious Cyberpunk Europe, 2010-2020. Drawing on the depth of coverage introduced in our famous Pacific Rim Sourcebook, R. Talsorian give you what you need to run a single character from – or a whole campaign about – the European Community.

Return… to that land across the ocean; a place so smooth, so polished that rough-shod grunge-happy American cyberpunks find themselves skating on thin ice, sliding out of control to a fate which, though unknown, is far from uncertain. Return … to Europe.

Genesis: the education, vocation, and politics of the European commons.
Roles: with a distinctive Euro-twist; these aren’t your typical American Solos and Fixers …
Background: how the EC Council works; Euro high society; Crime and Interpol; the east-bloc war zones …
Special – the inner secrets of the Scandinavian super cyber-clinics laid bare!
Eurosource Plus … ’Cause It’s Time for Cyberpunk – With Style!

Special GM & Player’s Note: Eurosource Plus replaces the original Eurosource book and pre-dates the events in Rough Guide to the UK.