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Fantasy World Creator: Dungeons and Towns

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The new FWC expansion will bring the perception of the game to an even higher level; from the tiles will rise walls and 3D objects that will give life to enormous Dungeons or entire towns, then add tables, bookcases, doors, trees and many other objects all in 3D. Dungeon & Town keep the same style of the entire Fantasy World line, enriching your gaming table with a variety and a very high number of pieces. All the parts of FWC: D&T are made of rewritable cardboard: the furniture and the accessories have an interlocking design, no glue is necessary. The walls are supported by a series of bases made specifically to allow any type of corridor, room or connection.Dungeon & Town is compatible with all the products of the World Creator line but can also be used as a “stand alone” for any other system.

98 Walls & Roofs
30 Accessories
70 Props
80 Stands