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The Road Goes Ever On

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The Road Goes Ever On is a set of four, double-sided, large format maps covering the greater part of known Middle-earth: Eriador, Wilderland, Rohan and Gondor/Mordor. With Player maps and hexed Lore Master maps, these provide an invaluable play aid for planning your Adventures in Middle-earth journeys.

Also included is a 32-page supplement, packed with ideas, new rules and guidance, which includes:
  • Extra inspiration for Journey Events and the wonders of Middle-earth
  • Helpful tables to generate and inspire encounters
  • A generation system for Middle-earth ruins
  • A selection of pre-made monster groups to drop into your Journeys
  • Battle maps for campsites
  • A new optional system for awarding XP to those characters who chose to evade combat
  • Details on places to stay
  • Guidance for awarding XP on the road
  • Dooms of Departure and Oaths of Return